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    A Day in the Life: Service Firms
Business is good – sometimes a little too good. How can I say that? I walk in service firm shoes. I am all-too-familiar with the waves, even the floods, of new opportunities. And I am well-acquainted with the occasional dry spell.

Both scenarios bring challenges. You either struggle to keep pace with the demand, or you scramble to forge new client relationships that will create the next financial flood.

If you recognize these symptoms, you are probably suffering from what I call the “Business Development Syndrome.” At its root is a failure to maintain balance between providing over-and-above customer service to your current clients and reaching out to attract new ones.

But that’s not your only problem…

Stop trading hours for dollars!
Whether you are an advertising, marketing, public relations or web development firm, opportunities could be flying by while you figure out how to operate that new fire extinguisher. You could be missing out on profits. Maybe you’ve even fallen into the gruesome trap of trading hours for dollars – the very trap you set out to avoid when you started your own firm.

What’s a busy service firm owner to do? The decision is black and white: outsource to Jennifer LeClaire.

Let Jennifer lend a creative mind so you can market your firm to new prospects. Let Jennifer provide services that are beyond your core competency so you can reap the financial rewards. Let Jennifer take up the slack when project “scope creep” is getting the best of you so you can land the next hot prospect.

Are you going to let your computer rule your life? Or would you rather make money while someone else does the work? It’s up to you.

Your silent partner
I know, I know. You are in a cut-throat business and you are not willing to risk losing even your least favorite client to an underhanded independent contractor. You don’t have to worry about that when you work with Jennifer LeClaire.

Jennifer becomes a member of your team, sort of a like a staffer without all the internal hassles. Why hire another employee you may not need in six months? You can tap into Jennifer’s talent, save thousands of dollars, and stop wondering if your star employee is going to start his own firm and take half your clients with him.

Outsourcing to Jennifer is confidential. Outsourcing to Jennifer is cost-effective. Outsourcing to Jennifer is flexible. Jennifer LeClaire is more than just a virtual staffer. Think of her as your silent partner.

A turnkey content model
Discover how Jennifer’s Content Creation Support model can help you exchange the frustration of Business Development Syndrome, the hours-for-dollars snare, and lost opportunities for the contentment of a steady stream of revenue – and a life away from the office.

Learn more about Jennifer’s time-tested Content Creation Support model. Then let her eloquent editors and corporate clients give you the scoop in the Testimonials section. Don’t forget to visit Jennifer’s online Portfolio. You’ll discover that Jennifer LeClaire’s proprietary approach offers a turnkey content solution that other wordsmiths can’t match.

For a free consultation on how Jennifer can help you accomplish your content mission, click here or call 305.467.4284.