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Leveraging the business of words
Word consumers. What do you need, really? Another bargain basement freelancer to plug a hole in the editorial calendar? Another $25-an-hour copywriter to hack ho-hum corporate communications? Another folio of two-bit text that fails to reap results?

Whether you are an editor, publisher, small- to mid-sized business or mega marketing and PR firm, your word challenge is two-fold: developing compelling content and eliciting reader response. If you can’t consistently produce both, you lose.

So what’s the problem? If you are like many of my other clients, then you are already painfully aware of the daily hurdles, the marketplace obstacles and the creative challenges of developing content that not only hits the target, but also lands smack dab in the middle of the bull’s-eye.

So answer honestly. Has your team struggled to meet deadlines in the face of shifting editorial calendars or undependable freelancers? Have your marketing messages fallen into the dark abyss of consumer apathy? Have prospects passed you by because you just couldn’t find the time for new business development?

If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place to learn about a method that has been used by folks like The New York Times, PR Newswire, Microsoft, and dozens of other publishers, editors, small companies and large services firms.

You deserve help managing the content creation machine.
Maybe you are a harried publisher who is frustrated with managing the many moving parts of the content creation machine in the face of fickle cogs. Or maybe you are genuinely in need of a copy miracle before the gray fog of looming deadlines completely erodes the quality and efficacy of your content.

If that’s you, then consider my proprietary approach. It’s called Content Creation Support and it is guaranteed to evaporate the fog so your target audience can clearly see value. Simply stated, my Content Creation Support services provide clients with the back up word power they need, when they need it.

My outsourced project management, editing and writing services offer clients a turn-key model to satisfy the demands of even the most critical audiences. Whatever your word needs, I develop content that engages the reader and produces results. That means you don’t need to hire additional staff or rely entirely on in-house expertise to see it all.

It’s time to trade in your home-based freelancer.
Unlike home-based freelancers who can only see the goals of word consumers from the bottom up or provide support for one-off projects, my clients depend on me for the long haul. That allows me to play a strategic role in an organization’s vision, to add value to the corporate mission, to become a partner committed to my clients’ success.

By working with my clients from the top down on a diverse range of custom content publishing tasks – from consulting on the editorial philosophy of a new publication to acting as the “go to” support agency to coordinate top quality content production at scheduled intervals – I take the term “freelancer” to a whole new level.
Again, my model is called Content Creation Support and it describes my business perfectly. My services provide word consumers with the support services they need. My model ensures custom content that encourages reader enthusiasm. My approach maintains a constant focus on producing results for the client.

But don’t take my word for it. Let my eloquent editors and corporate clients give you the scoop in the Testimonials section and visit my online Portfolio. You’ll discover that my Content Creation Support model offers a turnkey content solution that other wordsmiths can’t match.

For a free consultation on how I can help you accomplish your editorial mission, click here. Scroll down for a complete list of Content Creation Support services.

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