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Jennifer LeClaire is a diverse journalist, with thousands of credits in scores of respected consumer and trade publications.

This is a selection of articles that can be accessed online. If you don’t see the industry experience you are looking for, e-mail Jennifer for offline clips relevant to your project.




Best of Both Worlds
Ken and Glenda Cahill are tireless technology professionals by day and liberated lodge keepers by night. And that’s just the way they like it.

Miami Architect Sues Donald Trump for Copyright Violation
Paul Oravec says he was “shocked and dismayed” to see design photos of the Trump Grande Ocean Resort and Residences in newspapers. That’s because the Miami architect claims Trump turned down similar concave-convex concepts he created in 1996.

Gulf South Struggles
As yet another record-breaking and devastating hurricane season draws toward its close, we are still far from a final assessment of damage from Katrina, the most costly natural disaster in U.S. history, or from Rita, the subsequent multibillion-dollar storm.



Steve Mlukeak: World class mechanic and cyclist
When he’s not fixing helicopters or flying deployments, Steve Mlujeak is training for a spot on the 2004 U.S. Olympic Cycling Team. If he secures a position, he will be the first-ever military cyclist to represent the U.S. in the Olympics.

Software Makers Merge to Offer Mx Docs Solution
Flightdocs combined its total aircraft maintenance management solutions with Doberdocs’s maintenance document tracking software and services to create a comprehensive maintenance software package…

Ken George: Experimental Aircraft Expert
Ken George spent most of his aviation career in the defense industry where he got to do what many mechanics only dream of: work on experimental and prototype aircraft.



Warding off defaults a priority for commercial sector
Commercial loans are defaulting at record-high rates, and many industry insiders believe the pace will only worsen, both in South Florida and nationwide. As revenues drop amid a severe recession, savvy commercial property owners in the region are working with banks -- some more than others -- to avoid default now before market conditions worsen.

Swiping security
Financial crimes such as identity theft and check fraud are on the rise, and there’s no end in sight. It’s a problem law enforcement agencies and banks take very seriously. But these crimes are tough to combat because advances in computer technology allow criminals to rip people off with little risk of getting caught.

Frank Satterfield: Harbor Capital Helps Bridge the Funding Gap
With prices of U.S. commercial real estate rising and sales velocity occurring at an unprecedented clip, Frank Satterfield spotted a void in the marketplace and seized the moment.



Systems biology seen as next life sciences revolution
Scientists have mountains of data from the Human Genome Project. The challenge is to make good on the promise of translating that data into new drug therapies that could cure everything from hair loss to cancer.

Annapolis biotech jumps at chance to counter bioterror
When you think of anthrax you probably recall the deaths of U.S. postal workers and others who received tainted mail after Sept. 11, 2001.

Annapolis biotech jumps at chance to counter bioterror
When you think of anthrax you probably recall the deaths of U.S. postal workers and others who received tainted mail after Sept. 11, 2001. But did you know a terrorist could carry enough anthrax spores on the tip of a ballpoint pen to kill 500 people simply by blowing the deadly toxin into a crowded room?



In addition to ghostwriting blogs for real estate companies and other businesses, Jennifer serves as editor/writer of two leading blogs in the executive suites/virtual office industry: and Davinci Virtual. You can see her blogging at the links below. blog
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Jennifer has authored many books, and her works have also appeared in dozens of others. You can find some of her books on

Web Analytics For Dummies
Online Surveys For Dummies
QuestionPro For Dummies
How to Make Money in Self-Storage
How to Make More Money in Self Storage
Technology Boards: Entrepreneurial Boards Composition and Compensation
Characteristics of Successful Technology CEOs



Yahoo Looks for More Money in Microsoft Merger
Yahoo is reportedly talking with News Corp. about a possible deal that could save it from Microsoft's $44.6 billion takeover bid. But like the rumored merger talks with AOL, some analysts see Yahoo's maneuvers as a ploy to pry more money from Microsoft.

Beware of the accounting GAAP
In a move to attract more stock listings to U.S. exchanges, the federal Securities and Exchange Commission voted on a new rule that may have unintended consequences for real estate companies stateside. And the ruling is of particular concern here in South Florida, where international developers regularly compete with American firms.

Limits of a whistle blower culture
Who likes a tattletale? Perceptions are slowly shifting, according to some experts. Employee watchdogs are getting more positive attention than ever in the wake of corporate scandals.



Good Deeds pays dividends for local businesswomen
When Lisa Wallace agreed to host a charity fund-raiser with 100 guests at her Winchester home, organizing the event was more work than she had expected.

Surfin’ Safari
Brad Armstrong was checking out online dating sites over a cup of Joe in a local coffee shop when he had a revelation that would change his life.

Publisher targets female readers with magazine
When Melinda Maine Garvey was working at a daily Washington D.C. newspaper, she never dreamed she’d move south and launch a free monthly magazine all about women.



Deal with Roommate Conflicts
The beginning of Laura Maxwell’s experience at William Woods University was a little more stressful than she expected - thanks to a messy roommate.

Leadership Matters
Students who demonstrate leadership abilities have a leg up with colleges, universities and employers because, like Superbowl tickets in January, leadership qualities are in demand.

Home for the holidays
The holiday season can be a strange time for college students. While it can be refreshing to sleep in your old bed, devour some home cooking, and wash some laundry, some things do change over time.



The Future of Design?
A consortium of green builders, architects and supporters are setting out to do with the Southface Eco Office project in Atlanta what no one in the Southeast has ever done before: earn a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification…

Trump Palace Nearing Completion
Donald Trump is as busy as ever redefining metropolitan skylines with luxurious, high-rise condominium projects. As Tampa Bay-area developers prepare to break ground in April on the next Trump Tower - a $220 million, 52-story, condo project in downtown Tampa that will be the tallest…

Miami-Dade County experiences unprecedented building boom
From Miami’s urban core to its sparkling beaches to its quiet suburbs, multifamily residential, commercial and public projects are rising from the ground at a breakneck pace.



Fend off foreclosure
Banks are giving delinquent mortgagees much more leeway than ever before - perhaps by default. While delinquent mortgage payments have dropped slightly, according to the latest figures released by the Mortgage Bankers Association of America (MBA), foreclosures are still on the rise.

A costly courtesy: overdraft privilege
Besides being illegal, bouncing a check is costly. Customers face combined charges from banks and retailers that often total $60 or more. In recent years, banks have helped customers avoid such consequences by offering overdraft protection - and, more recently, overdraft privilege - selectively covering…

Education programs help Hispanics buy homes
Nearly half a million Hispanics are living in Austin, and more of them are becoming homeowners as barriers to their ability to realize this dream are vanishing.



Are Small E-Tailers Finished?
In the early days of e-commerce, small businesses flocked to the Web with grandiose visions of transforming mom-and-pop shops into mega retailers. Those visions turned out to be pipe dreams for most merchants, and the dawn of reality convinced many early adopters to retreat to the brick-and-mortar world.

Online Merchants Choosing Alternative Payment Options
While credit card companies research and develop new anti-fraud measurements, alternative payment solutions providers are cashing in on the demand for online security and customer choice.

Security Experts Warn of Disaster Relief Scams
Phishing scams seeking to steal donations earmarked for Hurricane Katrina victims may have started a week ago, but security experts said to expect a spike in this fraudulent activity in the weeks to come.



Malaysia - Moving Forward Up the Global Value Chain
The tide today is turning. In the past, there has always been a steady stream of companies that chose Malaysia for build-up and expansion, but the stream is now increasing at a greater rate with more new explorations for mutual benefit.

Doing Business at the Border
Site selection is becoming increasingly complex as the 21st century progresses. On one hand, site selectors must consider the impact of the hyper-focus on border security in the face of terrorism threats. On the other hand, they must also keep in mind a global business environment that demands unencumbered supply chains despite security concerns.

Advanced Manufacturing Advances in Canada
With the global economy tightening, companies in the advanced manufacturing sector are looking to gain a competitive advantage. For some, that may mean lower labor costs. For others, that may mean innovation. For still others, that may mean better access to products and suppliers.



Educators cite best practices for Response to Intervention
In most instances, an experienced teacher easily can spot a student who is struggling to grasp at-grade-level concepts. The challenge lies in knowing how to support these students once they're identified.

Area community colleges feeling pinch of leadership gap
Nearly half of all community college presidents plan to retire by 2007, according to a study by the American Association of Community Colleges, and another 1,800 new upper-level administrators and 30,000 new faculty members will also be needed in the next few years.

Smaller Cheaper Better School
Do students learn better in smaller environments? A growing number of educators and architects think so, and in Federal Way, Washington, a few of them have created a school that reflects this conviction.



Eco-friendly winegrape growers are pressing ahead
California’s image-conscious wine industry is taking hold of sustainable viticulture practices and local vintners and wineries are helping to spread the movement.

Recycling works for some of area’s largest companies
Many local companies employ recycling and waste reduction programs to save money and help preserve the environment. But it’s the area’s largest companies that stand to gain the most financially and provide the biggest boost to local efforts to protect the environment.

Truck-stop power to help save diesel fuel, clean air
Truck stops are notorious for noisy engines and clouds of black diesel smoke billowing from the exhaust stacks of 18-wheelers. But that could change as states across the country begin to adopt truck stop electrification programs to combat the diesel engine emissions from hours-long idling.



Warning Signs Appear Along Road to Video Game Addiction
As technology becomes a large part of many consumers' everyday lives, the risk of overexposure to new advances grows for people of all ages. Children, however, may be especially at risk of becoming too dependent on devices and outlets such as television sets, cell phones, music players, video games and the Internet.

Park ‘n Pizza serving up food and activities
Austin’s Park ‘n Pizza is more than just go-carts and miniature golf. The biggest challenge has been making customers aware of the company’s all-you-can-eat pizza and salad buffet.

Roxor Games hopes new releases will drive profit
A childhood passion for “Ms. Pac-Man” led Jason Asbahr into the gaming industry as an adult. The Houstonite moved to Austin to pay his game-developer dues with companies like Origin Systems Inc. and Kalisto USA. A decade later, he decided to play his entrepreneurial hand…



The Flash is Back
Jennifer Beals has enjoyed a healthy career in show biz for the past two decades. The diverse performer has worked alongside stars such as Denzel Washington, Dustin Hoffman and Faye Dunaway – but the accomplished actress didn’t always enjoy perfect health along the way.

The Politics of Obesity
Health experts have long accused food processors of stocking grocery store shelves with sugary, high-fat, low-nutrient products with little regard for the wellbeing of consumers. Processors have answered these critics with campaigns that cook up low-fat, sugar-free, nutrient-rich products that leave consumers with more choices.

Women take Heart
Until recently, heart disease in women hadn't received the same attention as it did in men. Today, with the knowledge that heart disease kills more women than does breast cancer, and that compared to men, heart disease in women can manifest earlier and with more subtle symptoms, women and heart-health is a topic that's come out of the shadows.



Clinical Pharmacists Play Critical Roles in Direct Patient Care
With more pharmacists growing weary of day-in and day-out pill-dispensing duties, clinical pharmacy is attracting druggists who want to play a vital role on the healthcare team.

What It Takes to Get into Pharmacy School
The well-publicized pharmacist shortage has led to stiffer competition for students with apothecary dreams. Colleges big and small, flooded with promising talent, are forced to become more selective about who gets acceptance letters.

Mr. & Mrs. Chiropractor
Jennifer Peet was Palmer Peet's college instructor before she was his wife. In fact, she was also his boss before she was his wife. Today, she's both his wife and business partner.



Franchisors Beef Up Services in Competitive Markets
Franchising isn't only about the brand. It's also about the systems and services franchisors provide to help the brand succeed. While marketing and administration systems are industry standards, forward-thinking franchisors are getting more creative with their services - offering support hotlines, training webinars and even business coaches.

Designing a More Livable World
Movie magic. That's what Cesar Pelli sees when he watches the 1999 Sean Connery film Entrapment, filmed at the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. That's because Pelli designed the buildings, which are now the tallest twin towers in the world.

Boston companies embrace diversity in executive suite
Racial and ethnic diversity is on the rise in Boston, and local companies are reflecting the trend in their recruitment initiatives.



As business travelers demand more, hotels deliver
Hotels are upping the ante when it comes to special services for business travelers. No longer are oversized desks, dual phone lines and a copy of USA Today under the door each morning enough to satisfy the needs of this finicky group.

What is it like to earn a living in Austin’s service industry?
When concierge Tommy Dean wakes up in the morning, head housekeeper Yolanda Islas is probably already at work and waitress Jesse Petty is still resting from the night before.

Low-carb cuisine a hit with area eateries, entrepreneurs
Restaurants nationwide are wooing diet-conscious diners with low-carbohydrate menus cooked up to satisfy the millions of Americans who have jumped on the Atkins and South Beach diet bandwagons.



Maryland hospitals tinker with old recruiting tricks
Creative programs launched by Maryland hospitals have put a Band-Aid on the nursing shortage, but a new study indicates a healthy need for nurses and other medical personnel in the years to come.

Hospices feel the pain
As the dust settles on the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s management and leadership conference in Washington, D.C., end-of-life leaders are going back to their cities with growth strategies for an evolving healthcare market.

Colleges, hospitals wrestle with the nursing shortage
Despite multimillion-dollar partnerships between healthcare systems and educators, hospitals are still ailing from nursing shortages.



Domestic partner benefits attract, retain talent
Attorney Greg Baldwin was a principal with Miami’s Holland & Knight for more than 10 years before it occurred to him to seek benefits for his same-sex domestic partner.

Director of People’s took aim at health needs of clinic’s employees
When Regina Rogoff became executive director of People’s Community Clinic in 2003, her first major initiative was a strategic plan to improve the nonprofit organization’s efficiency and the long-term health of its patients.

Learn how to spot the early warnings signs of violence
April saw another former employee return to his old workplace and erupt in violence, stabbing three people before police fatally shot him in a New Jersey post office.



Alumni networks help law firms combat shortages
Lawyer shortages are making headlines from coast to coast -- and in other nations. Some firms are targeting what they call "alums" to keep their offices staffed with the best and brightest attorneys.

When it comes to experts, they can make, break a case
Today’s jurors expect more than “just the facts ma’am.” They require a thorough education on complicated evidential matters so they can feel confident in casting a vote that could mean million-dollar payouts to an alleged victim or years behind prison bars for a convicted criminal.

Putting less into your work
Are you on the e-billing bandwagon yet? If not, then you probably will be soon. More large corporate clients are beginning to require vendors to send bills electronically, and this e-trend is gaining a toehold in the legal industries.



Nanotechnology: Potential for Revolution
Many believe nanotech research will lead the way to advances in electronics, materials, energy, and pharmaceuticals. Those promises bring financial rewards by the way of economic development, university research funding, and commercial profits.

Malaysia: a Profit Center for Global Manufacturers
It's arguably Asia's best-kept secret, and it's indisputably a profit center to the foreign investors whose site selection skills discover it. It's Malaysia, a vibrant, westernized nation that not only offers diversity among peoples and cultures, but also diversity of industries and an abundance of resources to support them.

Manufacturing plants planting roots
After a rather gloomy couple of years that saw significant layoffs or out-of-state job relocations at Intel and Hewlett-Packard Co., the second half of this year is panning out as optimistic for the Sacramento region – more so even than the rest of the state or the nation.



There is no sure-fire formula to winning a prospect’s business
When Weber Shandwick Worldwide’s Baltimore office had the opportunity to pitch a major mid-Atlantic hospital, the public relations and communications management company pulled out all the punches.

Taglines Help Business Create Identity, Seize Positioning
A good tagline is one way to keep ahead of the competition, says Elizabeth Goodgold, president of The Nuancing Group, a marketing firm specializing in positioning and branding issues for restaurants, food manufacturers and retailers. A tagline is the name for the descriptive words paired with the business name or brand, such as UPS' "Moving at the speed of business" or Tyson's "We're chicken."

Publisher targets female readers with magazine
When Melinda Maine Garvey was working at a daily Washington D.C. newspaper, she never dreamed she’d move south and launch a free monthly magazine all about women.



Preparation can help ease succession and tax issues
Every business owner will leave his business eventually, either through retirement, death or a buy-out. Still, establishing a plan for the future is a daunting task many business owners would rather not tackle.

Character, collateral count when seeking a loan
There’s an old saying in the small business world: Banks always will lend you money when you don’t need it. But what about when you do need it? How do you get a bank loan?

How to Take Your Small Business Global
Think taking your small business global is mission impossible? Think again. Communications advances are making globalization a reality, and it's the small business owners of the world who are busting borders and realizing greater growth potential.



Commercial real estate turnaround not imminent, experts say
The weather may be frosty, but South Florida's commercial real estate leaders will spend this evening talking about where rays of sunshine may penetrate the gloom.

Big changes loom for managers of corporate real estate
If Chicken Little were a corporate real estate executive he’d probably be hollering about the sky falling once again. That's because dramatic changes are in store for corporate real estate on an international scale.

Couples find teamwork breeds success in real estate
With her three kids off to school, Elizabeth Ross was enjoying a successful solo career in residential real estate – until her husband of 20 years, Craig, a chiropractor, broke his arm playing baseball last year.



The Doctor Who Believes in Healing
Florida cardiologist Chauncey Crandall has seen documented medical miracles in his office - because he points his patients to the one who heals.

Ethiopian Seeks to Preach in Every Nation
When he was 11 years old, Daniel Tassew Haile had a vision of Jesus. In it, he says, God called him to salvation and ministry - but Haile didn't immediately answer the call. In fact, Haile was 18 before he gave his life to Christ, and even then he didn't immediately launch into ministry.

Chinese Leaders Plan to Send 100,000 Missionaries Into 10/40 Window
After a combined 40 years in prison for preaching the gospel, three Chinese house church leaders are reviving an 80-year-old vision to take the gospel from China to Jerusalem--a region that comprises 90 percent of the world’s unreached people.



Learning from Low-Carb
What do you do when a new breed of dieters swears off your signature product? The choices are simple: Close up shop or adapt to the changing nutritional landscape.

Digital Distribution
One of your competitors just saved half a million dollars by consolidating Parmesan cheese vendors. Another fast food operator is enjoying a 20 percent boost in rebate and co-op marketing dollars by analyzing purchases a little more closely.

Swimming Upstream
What could a career Alaskan fisherman know about operating a quick-serve restaurant? Enough to found a concept that’s caught the attention of diners in Anchorage and beyond.



Apple Plans To Launch 40 to 50 Retail Stores in 2010
Apple is getting aggressive with its retail strategy, opening a new store on New York's Upper West Side this weekend and planning 40 to 50 new stores in 2010. The first 2,500 visitors to the new store will receive a limited edition, commemorative T-shirt.

Online Retailers Push Promotions to Drive Holiday Traffic
Cyber Monday outpaced Black Friday in the online shopping arena once again this year, which comes as no  surprise to e-tail analysts who predicted the phenomenon long ago.

Online Retailers Learned Valuable E-Lessons in 2004 was preparing for its biggest sales day ever. It was just days before the notorious Black Friday, traditionally one of the busiest shopping days of the holiday season, and the discount online retailer was all set to break its previous year’s sales record.



Companies large and small turn to Jennifer for her SEO copywriting skills. You can see some the web sites for which Jennifer has written search engine optimized web site copy here:

PR Newswire
Microsoft Advertising
Arise Virtual Solutions
Montejo Consulting
Mid-America Christian University



The Super Bowl of Signs
LED technology ushered in a new era of signage and nowhere is this evolution more apparent than in the new NFL stadiums unveiled in the past few years. Professional football teams are embracing next-generation video scoreboards as they strive to enhance the total fan experience with more dynamic, interactive displays.

Soaring Profits from Glistening Gateways
From wayfinding and security symbols to retail and promotional signage, modern airports are adopting new strategies and it’s paying dividends for sign builders. Success begins with understanding the latest trends in airport signage and identifying your company’s niche.

Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping
You’ve invested in top of the line printing equipment and materials. You’ve shelled out big bucks for training. You’ve hired experienced designers and expert installers. Now all you need is some customers.



Budgets, Telecom Among Top CIO Headaches
If you ask a dozen CIOs what their top 10 headaches were in the past 12 months, they'd probably offer up a few dozen different answers. But there are a few headaches that seem common to CIOs no matter what industry or what part of the world they work in.

Fade-away of pay phones sparks laments and anger
Domenick Cilea is a busy public relations professional. Success or failure for him – and his corporate clients who pay his bills – often depends on being able to respond to the media immediately.

Heading for an IPTV Revolution
A quick scan at technology news headlines reveals companies like SBC, Alcatel, Microsoft – and a host of ancillary service providers – are gearing up for what some are calling an Internet Protocol TV revolution.



Study: Poor Web Design Alienates Customers
One twentieth of a second. That’s about how long it takes for a Web site  to make a first impression on an Internet user, according to researchers at a Canadian university, whose findings could have competitive impacts for businesses on the Web.

Web Design Impacts Online Sales
As the dust settles on this latest season’s holiday shopping data, there is yet one more issue to consider before this time next year: conversions.

What Should Our Web Site Measure?
With 8 million customers around the globe ordering business cards, letterhead and other printed materials from its online venue, VistaPrint executives understand the power of Web analytics for uncovering customer trends. Getting the most of out their data was a matter of measuring -- and acting on -- the right metrics.



When work is your life
After working 32 consecutive hours, Dr. Troy Madsen almost made a fatal mistake. The first-year resident at a prominent Baltimore hospital forgot to make sure a critical blood test was given to a heart patient under his care.

Employees let off steam online
When Kristie Helms moved from Nashville to New York City four years ago, she experienced more than a little culture shock. The big-city office politics were foreign to the Southern belle, so she started documenting her workplace woes in an online journal.

Even on Vacation, Americans Find Ways to Work
Marty Kotis insists upon taking a vacation every year – if you can call it that. Mr. Kotis, who owns a real estate development company in Greensboro, N.C., remains accessible to his office staff via one of two cell phones, personal digital assistant, and laptop computer.