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A Master of SEO Tactics
I have been working with Jennifer for the past five months on a massive website project that has included writing and editing nearly 100 pages of product copy. Not only is Jennifer an exceptional writer, she is professional, tireless and a pleasure to work with overall. Jennifer takes the time to truly understand what she is tasked with writing about, and she is extremely knowledgeable about the critical aspects of writing for the web today - from specific writing styles to the most important SEO tactics. Jennifer has added value every step of the way during this enormous undertaking. I highly recommend her for any writing project.

Rachel Meranus, Vice President of Public Relations
PR Newswire

Working with FORTUNE 50s
I've hired and worked with copywriters for 20 years. Finding good ones seems like it should be an easy task, but never (ever) is. Sloppy and lifeless work abounds. Jennifer, however, is one of a very small handful that I would recommend instantly and without hesitation regardless of subject matter. She does her homework, knows the details and is meticulous, creative and fast. We do an enormous amount of work with a Fortune 50 client in three languages across five countries. Jennifer handles all of the details, localizes content and turns it around on deadline every time. In hundreds of projects she has never failed to pull off what often seems impossible, making me look great in the process. I can give no better praise than that. Hire her. You will not be disappointed.

Doug Borsch, Principal
Perfect Planit, Inc.

Coming Up with Compelling Angles
Jennifer is one of the most creative, dependable, hard-working, and self-reliant professionals I've known. We worked together at, where I was a senior editorial producer and Jennifer managed a far-flung network of freelance contributors and coverage of industry verticals. I relied on Jennifer constantly to help ensure the creation and delivery of content on daily deadlines from her network. Jennifer was attuned every single day to what our national small-business site needed to do, and she also consistently came up with ideas and angles that would be compelling for our audience. Jennifer was very versatile and was always a quick study, about new developments in technology, architecture, education, marketing, real estate, Web analytics, and many other topics. She is also one of those far-too-few pros who sees the big picture and knows how to execute down to the last details in a timely, efficient fashion. Beyond that, she's pure joy and easy to work with!

Susan DeMark, Former Senior Editorial Producer

Performing Extensive Research
Jennifer wrote a series of articles on the topic of employment and online recruitment from the POV of the employer and job seeker. Her objective was to include message points which highlighted problems in the market and how our company could solve those problems. Jennifer performed extensive research before she began so that the final articles where fresh, interesting, informative and on point with our educational objectives. She also helped get distribution for the articles too. She accomplished her objective above and beyond our expectations.

Rafael Cosentino, VP Business Development

Deftly Spinning Phrases
From the first paragraph I read by Jennifer, I knew that I needed her on my team. It was clear she was a solid, no-nonsense writer, with a good style and ability to spin phrases deftly and to the point. I have worked with her on a daily basis since December 2008 and she never misses a beat. I would highly recommend Jennifer for any writing or editorial assignment.

Mike Sullivan, Publisher

A Model for the Press
Jennifer LeClaire is an extraordinary journalist. We're proud to have her as an anchor reporter for ECT News Network, where Ms. LeClaire's reporting of business and technology news and her insightful special reports are read by tens of millions of readers each year. Jennifer is a skillful writer who has proven time and again that she has the ability to meet tight deadlines with speed and accuracy. Her versatility and integrity are of the highest standards and serve as a model by which members of the press should be measured.

Ric Kern, Publisher
ECT News Network

Consistency and Quality
I've continued to work with Jennifer through the years because she consistently delivers quality work. She is reliable, professional and easy to work with.

Stephen Borkowski, Web Editor
Men's Health

Turning on a Dime
An excellent writer and reporter, Jennifer well sourced - both locally and nationally - and is never afraid to pick up new sources. She is easy to work with, makes her deadlines and builds off the feedback that's given her. You'll never go for days without hearing back from her. When publication, news or other conditions change, she turns on a dime and is flexible enough to change with them. It's kind of like having an in-house writer with a couple of decades of experience - and no in-office distractions.

Rochelle Broder-Singer, Editor
BusinessMiami magazine

Excellent Business Resource
Jennifer LeClaire has been an excellent writing resource for our business. Jennifer has consistently delivered articles on time that are both interesting and informative.

Tom Coughlin, President
Air-Sur, Inc.

Unfailingly Inventive and Fresh
Jennifer LeClaire has become a steady freelancer for the Boston Business Journal for a couple of reasons: She is a prolific generator of high-quality story ideas for two of our standing features, and she is an adept and self-reliant source generator. She writes frequently for our high-end residential real estate feature, where her writing portrays her nearly as connected to the Boston real estate economy as if she worked in the market. Her story ideas are unfailingly inventive and fresh. And her source-building with the Boston-area executive recruitment community has produced relevant, engaging trend stories for our standing Hire Boston feature. She's impeccable on deadlines, even managing to file one story for me in the aftermath of a hurricane that brought down much of her Florida home region. I have come to rely on Jennifer as I would a staffer.

Bill Lane, Managing Editor
Boston Business Journal

Clean and On Time
Working with Jennifer is a pleasure. Her stories come in clean, well-sourced and on time -- attributes not as common as you would think!

Gary Chazen, Assistant Managing Editor
Sacramento Business Journal

Finesse and Personal Dependability
Jennifer LeClaire has got two things an editor loves: writing finesse and personal dependability. She has written exemplary articles for ArchitectureWeek, on both design and technical topics, delivering perceptive, well written pieces that have delighted and educated our readers. And she has met difficult deadlines without fail, even when it meant competing with desperate crowds to buy a generator to power her computer in the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma.

B.J. Novitski, Managing Editor

Hitting the Target
Jennifer is an excellent writer who can tackle any subject and provide a well-researched, well-written article tailored to meet the needs of a target audience. She is deadline oriented and a pleasure to have as a member of our freelance writing team.

Poppy Behrens, Executive Editor
MiniCo Publishing

Affecting Business Decisions
Jennifer LeClaire has written for Area Development magazine, an economic development publication, since 2001 on a variety of business subjects, e.g., industry and location reports, economic trends affecting business decisions, and advertorial specials. Her articles are always well-written, delivered on time, and, importantly, in compliance with the instructions given. Jennifer is one of my top choices among the many freelancers I employ.

Geraldine Gambale, Editor
Area Development Magazine

A “Go-To” Writer
Jennifer LeClaire has become a valuable resource for Florida Real Estate Journal. The technical and aesthetic aspects of her writing are superior, and she is very conscientious about deadlines. She has become one of my “go-to” writers when I have a demanding assignment.”

Robert Pitts, Editor
Florida Real Estate Journal

Exceptional Attention to Detail
I have worked with Jennifer since 2003. I appreciate her ability to meet deadlines and her exceptional attention to detail. Her articles are always an enjoyable read.

Amy Dusek
New South Publishing

An Expert in the Field
I wish I could clone Jennifer's work ethic and style into all of our writers. She delivers quality, well researched pieces, in a concise and easy to read format. Her style positions her work as though she is an expert in the field she is writing in.

Sean Scott, Publisher
Sign Industry magazine

Technical, Analytical and Patient
We looked to Jennifer in the beginning stages of our company to produce press releases, white papers, and other corporate marketing materials. She quickly understood our perspectives and authored highly technical and business analytical copy. Jennifer was patient in the ever-changing scope of writing these strategic materials for a growing company.

Brad Levine, CEO
Blue Frog Solutions

A Positive Can-Do Attitude
Working with Jennifer LeClaire has been an absolute pleasure!  Time and again, I have counted on Jennifer and she has delivered – on time and with a consistently high quality level. Jennifer also has a positive, can-do attitude and is able to “run with” projects even with very little guidance or direction. She is resourceful, knowledgeable, and consistently exceeds our expectations. I would highly recommend Jennifer LeClaire to anyone looking to improve the quality of his or her written communications.

Trisha Ostrowski, Managing Editor
Southern Business & Development

Going Beyond the Call of Duty
Jennifer LeClaire takes the art of journalistic professionalism to new heights. Her freelance work submitted to our magazine always goes beyond the call of duty in terms of reporting the facts, interviewing the experts, and connecting the dots in a style that's, at the same time, informative and entertaining to our readers. I have never been disappointed in any of Jennifer's many articles for us.

Jeff Wooten, Editor
Sign Builder Illustrated