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    A Day in the Life: Editors & Publishers
You rush into the newsroom, hot latte in hand, ready to conquer the world of deadlines. You power up your PC. You check your phone messages. And you quickly scan your e-mail inbox. You are looking for that past-due feature article Joe Freelancer promised he would file overnight.

It’s not there…

Before you can take another sip of your cooling coffee, the art director pings you. It’s an urgent request for the copy in question. Now your boss is making his way over to your desk with an irritated look on his face.

The moment of truth
What are you going to do now? Maybe you’ll dial up the tardy freelancer to track down the missing story. But you know as well as I do that he won’t answer the phone. Even if he does answer he’ll invent an excuse that C.S. Lewis himself couldn’t dream up.

Either way, at the end of the conversation, you are left scrambling to fill a hole that never should have been dug in the first place.

It’s happened before and it will probably happen again – unless you hire Jennifer LeClaire.

Feeling – and alleviating – your pain
Jennifer LeClaire has worn the editor’s hat. She understands daily deadline pressure. She knows what it feels like for a writer to go MIA, AWOL, or some place else summed up in a snappy acronym. Jennifer has felt your pain, and she won’t leave you hanging.

What you need is a writer who will stay up all night to meet your deadline, if that’s what it takes. What you need is a versatile writer who is willing to turn on a dime as circumstances change. What you need is innovative ideas and fresh copy that increases your readership.

What you need is Jennifer LeClaire.

A turnkey content model
Jennifer’s Content Creation Support model can help you exchange the frustration of missed deadlines, story inaccuracies, idea dearth and stale copy for the satisfaction of on time, accurate, creative content that keeps your readers coming back for more.

Learn more about Jennifer’s time-tested Content Creation Support model. Then let her eloquent editors and corporate clients give you the scoop in the Testimonials section. Don’t forget to visit Jennifer’s online Portfolio. You’ll discover that Jennifer LeClaire’s proprietary approach offers a turnkey content solution that other wordsmiths can’t match.

For a free consultation on how Jennifer can help you accomplish your editorial mission, click here or call 305.467.4284.