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    A Day in the Life: The Entrepreneurial CEO
It happened again. Your competitor found a way to land his name in the industry trade journal. Last week he somehow got a guest editorial published in the local paper. And you just found out he’s writing a book that will forever position him as an expert in the field.

You shake your head in disgust, knowing all too well that this media exposure will give him a competitive advantage – and you wish it were you.

But let’s face it. You are too busy running your core business to even think about putting together a campaign that will take your company to the next level. You have two choices: find a way, or keep reading about your competitor.

Here is the way: commit to an integrated marketing communications strategy that will take the sting out of your competitor’s last media move. Take the plunge into the proverbial marketing waters.

But I don’t have the budget for a marketing campaign…
I hear you. There are several obstacles between your company and marketing success: skill, time and money.

First of all, you don’t know how to swim in the marketing ocean – and you can’t afford to drown learning. Besides, writing was never your favorite pastime. And who has the budget for a Microsoft-sized advertising agency anyway?

You are already walking on the financial razor’s edge. A heavy investment in an unprofitable marketing campaign not only spells disappointment, it screams disaster.

It’s time to stop sinking and start swimming.
The bottom line is your company can’t continue to grow without some strategic marketing and public relations efforts.

Think of it this way. You woke up this morning to the sound of your advertised alarm clock. You brushed your teeth with advertised toothpaste. You ate advertised cereal for breakfast. You put on your advertised shoes. You drove to work in your advertised car.

You get the picture. Nearly everything we consume comes with a compelling marketing message, yet we often shy away from letting the world know about our own products and services. One thing is certain: your competitor is reaping a harvest on the marketing dollars he has sown – at your expense.

What’s a time-starved business owner to do? The decision is black and white: call Jennifer LeClaire.

Jennifer LeClaire has the savvy, the skill, and the patience to guide growing companies like yours through the process of developing and executing a communications strategy. Whether you peddle technology, insurance, or some other widget, Jennifer’s proprietary process guarantees results.

A turnkey content model
Discover how Jennifer’s Content Creation Support model can help you exchange the frustration of over-priced, ineffective marketing programs for the benefits of a well managed marketing effort that keeps your phones ringing.

Learn more about Jennifer’s time-tested Content Creation Support model. Then let her eloquent editors and corporate clients give you the scoop in the Testimonials section. Don’t forget to visit Jennifer’s online Portfolio. You’ll discover that Jennifer LeClaire’s proprietary approach offers a turnkey content solution that other wordsmiths can’t match.

For a free consultation on how Jennifer can help you accomplish your marketing mission, click here or call 305.467.4284.